Summit Parent Teacher Club

Parent Teacher Club at SMS

The PTC supports SMS students and faculty through a variety of efforts. To join the PTC, contact the PTC President.

2022-2023 Officers:

President -- Kelly Werth, [email protected], 260-750-3949

Vice President -- Joelle Ruefer, [email protected], 260-615-9085

Secretary -- Anita Smits, [email protected], 260-494-4500

Treasurer -- Amy Peckinpaugh, [email protected] , 260-402-1254


Dec. 21, 2022: Treats for SMS Staff:
Images of December treats


Shopping Rewards:

These organizations will give a percentage of the price of your purchases to the Summit Parent Teacher Club. Please consider signing up and choosing us as the organization you'd like to see benefit from your purchases:

Kroger Community Rewards: Sign in (use the username attached to your Kroger Plus Card), and choose Summit Middle School PTO as your organization. Then, swipe your Kroger Plus Card every time you shop, and we'll earn a percentage of the price of your purchases.

Amazon Smile: Earn a percentage of the purchase price of select items for our organization. This hyperlink takes you directly to the sign-up page for Summit's PTO.


Meeting Minutes:

SMS PTC Minutes 7-25-22
SMS PTC Minutes 9-14-22
SMS PTC Minutes 10-17-22

SMS PTC Minutes 10-13-21
SMS PTC Minutes 9-8-21

SMS PTC Minutes 01-13-2020.pdf
SMS PTC Minutes 10-14-19.pdf
SMS PTC Minutes - 09-09-19.pdf

Summit PTO Minutes 4-22-19.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 3-4-19.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 1-14-19.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 11-12-18.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 10-15-18.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 09-10-18.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 04-30-18.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 03-05-18.pdf
Special Area Classes at Summit, 03-05-18.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 01-22-18.pdf
Summit PTO Minutes 11-13-17.pdf


Dinner for the teachers during Parent-Teacher Conferences, October, 2022.
Images of teachers' dinner at parent-teacher conferences

Pretzel and Cider bar in the staff lounge, November 2021

Cider bar
Pretzel bar
Dec. 2020, loaves of homemade bread, courtesy of the PTC and Melissa Little, for all SMS faculty.

images of homemade loaves of bread
On Dec. 3, 2020, Speedwing and Mr. Pursley delivered coffee and treats to staff, compliments of the SMS PTC.
Image of school mascot in costume and assistant principal delivering coffee

Treats provided to SMS staff on Flex Day, Nov. 4, 2020
Collage of images showing treats for staff

Picnic Lunch that the PTC provided for teachers, Feb. 20, 2020
Images of treats provided by the parent teacher club

December treats that the PTC provided for staff December 17, 2019.

Images of treats

Thanksgiving treats that the PTC provided for staff November 13, 2019.

3 images of treats provided to staff by the parent teacher club

Dinner and treats that the PTC provided for teachers during parent/teacher conferences, Oct. 2019
Three images of treats and dinner that the parent teacher club provided to teachers during conferences